Who Did Make the Fake Rumor- `The Sun Will Not Appear’!


S Alam Group of Banshkhali Power Plant project made a paper add to defend their position about the incident of four people killing and unrest on April 4.

They stated eight points to clarify their position and to prove them innocent. They can do it as they have much money to do it. And the newspaper is taking the advantage to earn money publishing add. I have no objection against this money backed propaganda. But I have only one question.

The paper add of S Alam Group says in his second point that there was a rumor-` The Sun will not appear and darkens will cover the locality.’ Now my question is, who is the perpetrator behind the rumor?

`At least four people were killed and 30 others received injuries in a clash between police and villagers in Chittagong’s Banshkhali on Monday (April 4).

The clash erupted during afternoon at Gondamara Hazipara School field over constructing a coal-based power plant in Banshkhali upazila of Chittagong. The locals alleged that the policemen opened fire on them while they were protesting a power plant project at Banshkhali indiscriminately but cops refused the allegations.’

I quoted the report on Banshkhali incident from the online version of a well circulated newspaper in Bangladesh. I can make many other quotes from much other newspaper. I did not find any newspaper Who reported that there was a rumor-` ` The Sun ill not appear and darkens will cover the locality.’

I think S Alam Group wants to Say that some vested group made the local people angry by spreading this `rumor’.

But really was there any rumor? I found the answer `no’. I talked to the local journalist several times, they also said `no’. No news media reported about the so called rumor.

Now the question, from where did S Alam Group discover the rumor-` The Sun will not appear.’?

I think they created this bogus rumor by themselves to divert people demand and protest to   shift the power plant project from Banshkhali.

Before this invention  some of their TV employees (S Alam Group owns a satellite tv channel) made a social network campaign that, like Delwar Hossan Sayede was seen on the moon, there was a rumor at Banshkhali that if there is a power plant the sun will not rise.

I think government should make a proper inquiry about the so called rumor and bring the culprits behind the creation of rumor to the book.

I also urge newspaper authority not to publish unsubstantiated add. Because by publishing this type of add they are helping the rumor perpetrators.


Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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