A dog is under police safe custody!


Obhoyaronno – Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation gave a facebook post on April 10, like lost and found. They found a dog (See the photograph).

Obhoyaronno said, “This dog was found in Gulshan yesterday ( 10.04.16)  near the Gulshan police station and the police has handed him over to Azmat Ali. If you think this is your dog, then please go to Azmat’s chamber and rescue him. If not, then God help this dog.”

PS : This is why you should ALWAYS sterilize your animals. If this dog is not neutered, then chances are Azmat will use him to breed.

But facebook users are not happy with the Veterinary Surgeon Azmat.

I quoted here some of the facebook comments .

Partha Salahuddin Azmat Ali killed my GSD by giving him a wrong injection and then had the audacity to ask for the price of the injection … that’s Azmat Ali for you!!

Sharek Rahim Stay away from this guy. He killed my shepherd and 6 puppies. He also had his assistants called Idris .. This guy is not human.

Refayet Khan Mr. Azmat is the last person this dog should be with….poor soul frown emoticon

Fahim Hasan Ashrafi why everybody is calling the vet the worst? Curious mind wants to know.

Sanjana Farah Anan Who is Azmat Ali? I’m not familiar with the name.

There is also threat to Azmat there.

Nona Ahmed Can anybody disguise himself and go to this killer and claim this poor soul?


Some claimed this may be his or her list dog.

Shahnaz Karim Guys, so sorry but this is my dog Candy. The lost Shepherd looks very similar – maybe they are from the same litter!

But where is the dog?

Cyrus Anushirvan Faizi Wrong info. It’s still in Gulshan Thana. Photo taken few minutes ago. Police are looking for his owner. They kept him in the thana for his own protection. If they can’t find the owner, the court will decide what to do with him.


There are at least 50 comments on the post. Everyone is talking about the dog.

But where is the dog?

On Tuesday (12.04.16) Gulshan police station  duty officer Ansar Ali said,`The dog is under our safe custody. If you are the real owner of the dog please come with the proper document we will hand it over to you.’


Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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