Olama League Batpar( Fraud): Hanif (Video)


There is a row over the demand of Awami Olam league. They demanded to ban Bengali New Year program terming it anti Islamic and Hindu culture, which is scheduled on April 14. Olama League Secretary Maolana Mohammad Abul Hossain Sheikh Sariotpuri placed this demand on April 9. They claim that they are the Islamic intellectual group of Awami League, the ruling party of Bangladesh.

But Mahabub Ul Alam Hanif, joint secretary of rulling Awami League, Bangladesh  said,` Awami Olama League is an organisation of fraud and cheat( Batpar). They are not connected to Awami League any way. They are using the name of Awami League. We told the law enforcers to take action against such kinds of organisation.

Hanif gave this reaction after three days of demand of Awami Olama League to Ban Tradition Bangla New Year Program- Pohela Boisakh.


Author: Harun Ur Rashid



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