Sajeeb Wazed Joy talks about Shafik Rehman arrest


Sajeeb Wazed Joy, IT adviser and son of the Prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina posted an article on his facebook dter the arrest if elderly editor Shafik Rehman.

As he posted on his facebook-

How often do you actually get someone trying to kill you? In my case, apparently more often than even I am aware of. It’s not because I’m a criminal or even a bad guy. It just so happens that my mother is in politics in Bangladesh and I help her from time to time. It is also because our opposition party is of a particularly violent criminal bent and is allied with the largest fundamentalist party in the country with direct ties to ISIS.

But I digress. Today our Government arrested a senior “journalist” and opposition BNP leader Shafik Rehman for his involvement in a plot to kidnap and kill me in the US. A US BNP leader’s son, a former FBI agent and another American friend of both are already serving time in the US for this plot. You can read about that case directly from the US DOJ’s press release. I’m not sure about the “prominent” part but I am the “citizen of Bangladesh” mentioned there.…/former-fbi-special-agent-sentence…

The evidence against “journalist” Shafik Rehman comes directly from this case. Note I put the word journalist in quotes because once you’re involved in trying to kidnap and kill someone I believe you have changed your career path from journalist to criminal. The BNP runs a mid-career course for that sort of thing.


Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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