Shame! The Brutality of 5 Bangladeshi Police men


Saikot Majumdar, a photographer of Bangladesh, captured these photographs from the parliament building area , in capital city Dhaka on April 21. The photographs show that a minor boy is under the legs of a police man.  What did really happen!

Photographer Saikot said,` I was passing the parliament building area on April 21 at the afternoon, and suddenly saw that some police men are brutally punishing a little boy .  They were beating and torturing the boy in a brutal way and the boy was crying. Then I took some photograph.’



Saikot added,` When one police man was beating the boy other police men were laughing seeing the punishment. They were making fun torturing the kid. ‘

And after taking the photographs I asked the police men why are they punishing the minor boy? They replied,` Some boys make the crescent lake water dirty   swimming there. After catching  one of them we are giving punishment.’



After one day when Saikot shared these photographs on his facebook post it becomes viral. Social media users become puzzled and demand the exemplary of those policemen.

The area is under Sher E Bangla police station. The officer in charge of the PS Gopal Gonesh claimed, ` My police men are not liable for this incident, reserve forces members punished the boy. They do parliament security duty here.  I already informed my higher authority.’


After sharing the photographs on facebook photographer Saikot Majumdr is now receiving threats from unknown people over phone.

Author: Harun Ur Rashid



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