5 suspects of blogger Avijit killing(video)


Rafida Ahmed Bonna said , police had shown her photographs and video footage of five suspects  of Blogger Avijit Roy killing when she was under treatment in Bangladesh after the incident.’ Bonna claimed,` But police still did not arrest them.’

Bonna, wife of Avijit also came under attack when Avijit was killed last year in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Rafida Ahmed Bonna disclosed the information of five suspects for the first time in a facebook live interview with Arafatul Islam, a DW journalist on Wednesday(04.05.2016) in Berlin, Germany.

Bonna said replying to a question,’In Last year after the deadly attack, when I was in hospital investigators met me and had shown me five photographs and footage of the suspects. These five suspects had been following us (Avijit and Bonna) for a long time, police said. But still police did not arrest them.’

She said, ‘ Poloice claims that they have arrested 8 persons so far, but none of them is connected with Avijit murder. Its just eye wash.’

She added, ‘Government is reluctant to nab the Avijit killars. The authority do not want to arrest the killers.’

Bonna said, ‘ No body from the investigators is now communicating me. But they are following me. They appear in proper time when I go anywhere to tell something about the Avijit killing.’

In last year on Februay 26, writer and blogger Avijit Roy was hacked to death near TSC of Dhaka University. His wife Rafida Ahmen Bonna was with him was seriously injured.  After the primary treatment Bonna left the country.

Interview  of Rafida Ahmed Bonna..


Author: Harun Ur Rashid




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