“Give me a kiss darling, otherwise, you won’t pass”



Mahfuzur Rashid Ferdous

“Give me a kiss darling, otherwise, you won’t pass.”- its a text sms of a teacher of a private university in Bangladesh. Now the teacher is under arrest in an specific sexual harassment case filed in Kalabagan police station, Dhaka. He is  Mahfuzur Rashid Ferdous, a teacher of  Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST),Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) department.

Police arrested him  on Tuesday night from  an apartment at Kalabagan, but used to live in Ramna area.He will be produced at court today(04.05.16).

Kalabagan SI Shahmim Ahmed said: “University’s alumnus Asafudoullah Sayem filed a sexual harassment case against the teacher on Tuesday .”

Students of Ahsanullah University have been demonstrating at campus protesting the harassment.

Compelled by the protests, university authorities suspended the faculty, Ferdous,  on April 30.

Students alleged,  the teacher has a long record of sexually harassing female students.

They alleged that a good number of female student are harassed by the teacher Ferdous. At first the students stated to demand  justice by opening a facebook group. Finally they staged demonstration to bring the teacher in the book.

Usially Ferdous used   numbering power to harass and abuse the female students. He sent many cell phone SMS luring to give more number or threat to make fail in the examination. One of the sms is”Give me a kiss darling, otherwise, you won’t pass”.

The students said,` “We informed the authorities the last time he harrassed a female student. But he forced the student to sign a false statement declaring him innocent.’

Protest of of the students…


Author Harun Ur Rashid



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