In which TV progamme did Bangladeshi blogger Rabi receive the threat?

Bangladeshi Blogger Ashif Entaz Rabi claimed to Karin Karlekar, PEN America Freedom of Expression director on May 3 at White House, Washington DC,’ “While the TV show was going on, many phone calls are coming to threaten me, and three days after the TV talk show, the website of that militant group, they published my picture that he invite some kind of anti-Islamic people in the TV show and said ‘It’s not acceptable so let’s punish him, let’s send him to god’. And from that moment, I was playing some kind of hide and seek game.’

Now the question is what was that TV programme? Was it live or  recorded?

I took an interview of Ashif Entaz Rabi only five months ago on December 14, last year, after the arrest of`Chowdhuri Saheb’ admin of Bangladeshi comic facebook page Moja Losss .

Rabi said to me, ‘I hosted the talk show Young Nite( not Young Night or Knight)  and once  Moja Losss admin was my host.’ ATN news Produce this programme.’

Rabi was anchor of many other episodes of that very ‘Young Nite’. But it’s yet not clear for which programme he was threatened.

In my interview Rabi Just described his funny experience with Moja Losss admin Chowdhuri Saheb, not more. May be Rabi received threat in another episode but he did not mention the name of the programme and even TV channel to Karin Karlekar, PEN America Freedom of Expression director.

What is Young Nite :

Young Nite has a facebook page. According to the page, ` Young Nite is a live Television Talk Show to promote young generation. It’s a platform for the youth.’

They also explain,` Young Nite at ATN News TV is a platform for the Bangladeshi Youth i.e. the future role models of Bangladesh.

And the programme is LIVE everyday 1:15am. RERUN everyday 1:15pm. [Bangladesh Standard Time i.e. +06hrs GMT] .

The Basic Concept of the programme is generated by Munni Saha,  CEO of the TV channel ATN news.    And the programme has been on airing since 2011.

Not only Asif Entaz Rabi, there are another five anchors for the show. Rabi was not anchoring any other TV programme but `Young Nite’ of ATN news.

youn nidgt anchors

Hosts of Young Nite- Sadat Hossain, Rezwan Faiz Lovon, Farnaz Alam and Hasan Benaul Islam.



Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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