Record number of Bangladeshis seek asylum in US, humanitarian parole for bloggers! 


A record number of Bangladeshis applied for asylum in US. According to UNHCR database the Bangladeshi applicant’s number is 1,541 in the year 2015. In The first two months of the current year, 142 Bangladeshis look for asylum.

Basically US have two categories of asylum status- Political and Refugee asylum. But US authority is very reluctant to consider the appeals and it’s also a long and complex process.

Bangladeshi citizen’s 5,894 applications are pending for decision since last 17 years. But 50 percent of total applications amounting to 2,711 were received by US authority during last two years.

To tackle the situation US authority is now considering human parole for bloggers. But others’ fate is still uncertain. And humanitarian parole consideration is for under ` imminent danger’ bloggers.

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After the killing of Bangladeshi Blogger Nazimuddin Samad, 28, on April 6 in the streets of Dhaka, Karin Deutsch Karlekar of PEN American, a U.S.-based human rights group, has called on the U.S. to offer `humanitarian parole’ for Bangladeshi writers and bloggers  targeted by extremists for secular beliefs.

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said that humanitarian parole for a select number of bloggers who continue to be under “imminent danger” is one option under consideration, but referred questions on it to the Homeland Security Department.


Humanitarian parole:

Humanitarian parole is used sparingly to bring someone who is otherwise inadmissible into the United States for a temporary period of time due to a compelling emergency.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may grant parole temporarily:

To anyone applying for admission into the United States based on urgent humanitarian reasons or if there is a significant public benefit.

For a period of time that corresponds with the length of the emergency or humanitarian situation.

Parolees must depart the United States before the expiration of their parole.  Parole does not grant any immigration benefits.


The U.S. government offers humanitarian assistance to individuals who seek shelter from oppression, and perhaps the most well known programs of this type are the refugee and political asylum programs.  

USCIS   define a refugee as someone who is outside of his or her homeland, and has been persecuted in his or her homeland or has a well-founded fear of persecution there on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Political asylum is for someone already in the United States, and protects an individual from removal to a country of feared persecution.


Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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