Tanu was murdered by two army men as she refused singing songs:Mother(video)

The mother of the slain Victoria College student Sohangi Jahan Tanu, accused two army men for the murder of her daughter asking the investigators to interrogate them.

Anawara Begum, the mother of the girl claimed, “Tanu was told to sing songs at the occasion of army study unit but she refused to do so. After refusing she went to Sylhet with her friends. Her refusal to the army request might have led to the killing.”

Anawara Begum alleged, “A sergeant and a sipay were involved in the killing.”


“The mystery will be unearthed if they are taken into custody for interrogation,” she said.

Tanu’s mother also alleged that close circuit camera units in the cantonment area were shut when the body of was transported near her home. The roads were also put off to the traffic at that time, she added.

The Criminal Investigation Department has been probing the murder for nearly two months but could not ascertain the reason for murder yet.

Tanu, a 19-year old girl and a second year student of Comilla Victoria College, was allegedly raped and murdered by unknown criminals on March 20 prompting people from different strata to demonstration seeking justice.

Author: Harun Ur Rashid



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