3,432 questions for a facebook Mayor!



Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Anisul Haque was live on facebook last night (12.05.16).

It is innovative and praiseworthy initiative. I had keen interest to follow the live facebook meet of the mayor with the city people for basically two reasons.

  1. It was for the first time a people representative used facebook live feature to meet his city dwellers. And
  2. How city people participate and interact with the Mayor.

The data I got from the faccebook page AMRA DHAKA, the facebook page where Mayor was live, 3,432 facebook users made questions and comments to Mayor.

Total likes are 33,200 and 647 facebook users shared the live event. All these figures are from the AMRA DHAKA facebiik page.

The participation and interaction of the facebook users actually much more I guess, because I could not collect the number from other share pages. City Mayor may be able to receive actual figure from the facebook authority.

The number is very little comparing to the Dhaka North City Corporation dwellers. But I am happy with the city facebook user’s number who was with Mayor Anisul Haque on facebook live.

It’s a new approach and participation of the facebook users will increase day by day if mayor regularly come on facebook live.

The facebook users had many questions to Mayor. Questions are common regarding six or seven problems.  Anisul Haque tried to satisfy them by his oral capacity.

But city people want practical solution. If not, then facebook live will turn to a useless effort. Not real, city people then may call Anisul Haque “facebook mayor”!

Watch Mayor’s facebook live here


Author: Harun Ur Rashid





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