Love is crime at Dhaka Commerce College!  


Love Circle

In Bangladesh a  facebook video went viral early of this month.  The video was on 11 teenage students of a college who made a ‘Love Circle’.

In the video it was seen that students wearing their college uniform holding each others’ hands create a love circle around a boy and a girl. The boy inside the circle proposed the girl, who was also inside the love chain and the girl finally fall in love with the boy.

At one point, the boy kneeled down to propose to the girl and then put a ring on her finger. In the end, the boy and the girl hugged.

This video was shared thousand times and may facebook users made comments there. Every one praised such a classic way to propose the girl! They also said, “This is the right and sweet way to propose, the boy and the girl made an example when eve teasing is now became to be a social problem.”

But alas! Dhaka Commerce College authorities have taken punitive action against 11 of its higher secondary students. They expelled two students and cancelled admission of nine others for “breaching discipline,” according to an office order issued on Thursday.

College Principal Prof Md Abu Sayeed said, “They had to take action for the “interest of the institution”. But he denied making details on “interest of the institution”.

Generally, those expelled from an institution cannot get admission in the same institution. In case of the two expelled by the Commerce College authorities, it is not clear if they can enroll at other institutions this year.

And the nine students whose admission was cancelled would have to take readmission if they want to continue their studies at the Commerce College, or else take admission in other institutions.


Dr Healal Khan, professor of National Mental Health Institute said, “What the students did it was the healthy express of the age, if college authorities found anything ‘breaching discipline’ in their eyes they could arrange counseling for them, but what punitive punishment they have taken is too much.”

He added, “Now if happens anything wrong with the 11 students, college authority would be liable.”

Lawyer Barrister Jotirmoy Borua said, “The students did not violate any law of the country. What is bad and what is good is another question. We should remember values change with the time and we should not be guided by any taboo.”

Now where are these 11 boys and girls we don’t know? What will be their future god knows. But one thing we want to say punishment for love is unacceptable.  Love is not crime or sin, Commerce College Authority should re think to withdraw the punishment.

Watch the video of love Circle

Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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