49 seconds with Selim Osman:Beg apology for today(audio)


The kingpin of the Narayangonj teacher humiliation,  MP Selim Osman is now tight lipped . No journalist could take a comment on Tuesday from him about the incident. He did not even give “no comment, no denial”.  He only told ‘ I beg apology for today. I am happy with the investigation, will talk after probe report.’

But on May 13 when Shyamal Kanti Bhakta,   headmaster of  Piyar Sattar Latif High School in Narayanganj Bandar Upazila was humiliated in front of  Selim Osman he said news media, “ I had no alternative but punishing him.”

In presence of a local MP Selim  Osman Hindu headmaster Shyamal Kanti Bhakta was forced to sit-ups holding the ear in public for allegedly making ‘offensive comments’ about religion. Selim Osman was pointing his fingers to enforce the punishment ‘sit-ups holding the ear’.

But now it’s clear he did not make any derogatory comments on religion. Shyamal beaten up a student on May 9 and locals used this incident against him.

On Monday the education ministry formed a three member probe committee to find out the culprits who had humiliated headmaster Shyamal after mass protest from many quarters.


Since then Selim Osman is maintaining a safe space from the news Media.

When I made a phone call on Tuesday afternoon Selim Osman said, “Brother I won’t talk to media, because probe committee is now investigating the incident. Many news media gave me phone call but I denied.”

Q.You explained the incident on May 13 please tell me the same thing-

A.No, that was my comment before the probe committee was formed; now I can’t say the same thing as the probe committee is working.

Q.Once you said you can say again..

A.No , the time is not the same. At the beginning there was no probe committee.  I am a parliament member. I cannot talk now, because government formed a committee to look into the whole incident.

Q.So what, you please comment…

Please I beg apology for today, I am happy with the probe committee, will talk after probe report.

Selim Osman from Jatiya Party won in Narayanganj-5 constituency by-election in 2014. He is Brother of Shamim Osman MP.

Listen Interview

Author : Harun Ur Rashid




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