Who changed the language of protest


Seleya Sultana

Seleya Sultana is a journalist. He works for a private TV channel in Bangladesh. But she has come out from her professional character and started facebook campaign “Sorry Sir” on Tuesday to protest the Narayangonj headmaster’s humiliation.

Now the campaign has made a huge wave and went viral in social media.  Main stream media produced hundreds of reports highlighting the protest campaign.

On Tuesday( 17.05.16) morning Seleya with her some journalist friend decided to start the “Sorry Sir” campaign posting their own head down holding ears photographs on facebook with  hashtags   ‪#‎IamSORRY ‪#‎weRSORRYsir ‪#‎


They did it and the whole nation followed them and went viral within three hours. Most of the Bangladeshi facebook users posted the “sit-ups holding the ear” photographs of their own saying “Sorry Sir”.  Hundreds of thousands Bangladeshi facebook users also changed their profile picture with    “sit-ups holding the ear” photographs.

On May 13 in presence of a local MP Selim Osman  Hindu headmaster Shyamal Kanti Bhakta of Piyar Sattar Latif High School in the Narayangonj district’s Bandar area was forced to sit-ups holding the ear in public for allegedly making ‘offensive comments’ about religion .

But immediate after the incident it was clear that Shyamal did not make any derogatory comments on religion. He had beaten up a student on May 9 and local vested group made religious reumour against him.

Seleya said, “Actually by “sorry Sir” campaign we are saying sorry to teacher Shyamal Kanti Bhakta. By humiliating a teacher the culprits humiliated the whole nation. It’s a shame for all of us. We can’t bear this disgrace.”


R H Rudro

Seleya added, “We always honour our teachers from our heart and it’s a long custom of our county. This is our values and morals to honour the teachers and even Bangabandhu Skeikh Mujibor Rahman never called a teacher ‘you’. He always paid his highest honour to the teachers.”

She adeed, “We could not accept the humiliation of our teacher Shyamal Kanti Bhakta and from our side we are sorry, but don’t know what authority will say to him.”


Shammi Haque

Actually “Sorry Sir” campaign has been started before a day on May 16. Probably  R H Rudro an artist and photographer   in Dhaka and few Bangladeshi immigrants Asha Naznin in Canberra and Shammi Haque in Berlin started the campaign  first. Asha Naznin posted a comment with her photograph on her facebook, “Have never done any sit-ups holding my ears in life. Here, I am now. Sir, you are not alone. To whom it may concern.”


Asha Naznin

Shammi Haque also posted her photograph holding ears saying, “ You are not alone sir”.

From May 17  Seleya and her collogues made it viral. Seleya Sultana’s facebook ID is Saleya Nilsuri.

Interview of Seleya Sultana

Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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