Blogger killing: Police announces bounty for 6 militants TK 18 lakh


Dhaka Metropolitan Police(DMP) of Bangladesh today (19.05.16) announced TK 18 lakh bounty for 6 members of banned militant outfit Ansarullah Bangla Team(ABT).

Police announced Tk 5  lakh bounty for each of two organisers of Ansarullah Bangla Team while Tk 2 lakh for each of four members for their alleged link with recent militant attacks  and killing secular activists  in the country.

Police said, “They carried out attacks on secular progressive bloggers, writers, publishers and activists. ”

They are:

1.Shariful-  Bounty Tk 5 lakh

2.Selim Bounty Tk 5 lak

3.Sifat- Bounty Tk 2 lakh

4.Samad- Bounty Tk 2 lakh

5.Sihab- Bounty TK- 2 lakh

6.Sajjad- Bounty Tk 2 lakh


All of them have  pseudo names:

Two top organisers are

Shariful alias Sakib alias Sharif alias Saleg alias Arif alias Hadi,

Selim alias alias Iqbal, alias Mamun, alias, Hadi-2. are are the two top organizers.

Four members are:

Sifat alias Samir alias Imran

Samad alias Sujan alias Raju alias Salman alias Sadh

Shihab alias Suman alias Saiful

Sajjad alias Sajeeb alias Siam alias Shams.


In a press release, the DMP said they are connected with the killing of blogger Aviji Roy, Washikur Rahman Babu, Niladri Nil, Nazimuddin Samad ,publisher Faisal Arefin Deepon, LGBT magazine ‘Roopban’ editor Xulhaz mannan, activist Tonoy.

Police said Detective Branch of DMP is investigating the killings of bloggers, progressive writers and publishers for several years with utmost importance.

Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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