The ping pong boy: Poor Teacher VS Selim Osman


The boy in the picture is Rifat Hasan. He is a student of class 10 of Piyar Sattar Latif High School, Narayangonj, Bangladesh. He had been beaten up a by his headmaster Shyamal Kanti Bhakta on May 8. But nn May 13 the local vested interested quarter made a rumor that   Shyamal Kanti did derogative    comment about Islam.  And the rumor had been speeded by the loud speaker of a local mosque.

And thereafter what happened all Bangladeshi people know. Shyamal Kanti Bhakta was first assaulted physically inside the school office and finally Narayangonj local MP Selim Osman   forced him to sit-ups holding the ear in public.


After the incident Rfat said to the news media, “The headmaster Shyamal Kanti Bhakta only has beaten up me; he did not make any offensive comment about religion. I filed complain to the managing committee where I have written the incident of battered.”  The video clip of his statement is also available on social network.

But there is also another video clip went viral where the same boy is saying, “Sir passed derogative comment about religion.” This video was uploaded after the previous one.

The probe committee of education ministry, after investigation, have found complain of offensive comment about religion baseless and false. Committee said, “Shyamal did not make any derogatory comments on religion. He had beaten up a student on May 9 and local vested group made religious reumour against him.”

Finally a new “drama” is staged today(20.05.16) in Narayangong at Hefajal e Islam rally. The boy Rifat was present there and he said the gathering, “Head sir did offensive comment about religion Islam.”

Narayanganj_school student Rifat (2)

It’s clear that now the boy is under the control of MP Selim Osman and Hefjat arranged a protest rally for Selim Osman demanding the punishment of Hindu teacher Shyamal Kanti. Last one day nobody could find student Rifat and he has been appeared at Hefajat protest rally at Narayangonj on Friday.

I think the law enforcers  should take immediate steps to save the boy, otherwise he will be traumatized. Apparently the boy and his family are under severe pressure. Because influential group is trying to prove “Shyamal Kanti’s offensive comment about religion”  using this minor boy and his family.

Police already have transferred Shyamal Kanti from Narayangonj hospital to Dhaka Medical college hospital for security reason. Same steps are required for the boy Rifat and his family.

Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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