Know the photographs, not the persons: Drama of the DMP bounty


Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) announced TK 18 lakh bounty for 6 members of banned militant outfit Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) on may 19. In DMP press release there are photographs, names and pseudo names of the bigots but not the addresses.

So it’s clear that police could not identify them properly, they have just collected the names and photographs form facebook or other social media not from any reliable source. If they could collect photographs from reliable sources, their address details were not hard to put in.  Now who could say that the photographs are genuine or not!


Police claimed these six extremists are connected with the killing of bloggers, writer, secular thinker and activist. They also listed who were their victims- Blogger Aviji Roy, Washikur Rahman Babu, Niladri Nil, Nazimuddin Samad , publisher Faisal Arefin Deepon, LGBT magazine ‘Roopbaan’ editor Xulhaz mannan, activist Tonoy.


Bounty announced for Ansarullah Bangla Team’s (ABT) organisers and members are-

  1. Shariful alias Sakib alias Sharif alias Saleg alias Arif alias Hadi,
  2. Selim alias alias Iqbal, alias Mamun, alias, alias Hadi-2.
  3. Sifat alias Samir alias Imran
  4. Samad alias Sujan alias Raju alias Salman alias Sadh
  5. Shihab alias Suman alias Saiful
  6. Sajjad alias Sajeeb alias Siam alias Shams.

But law enforces do not know their permanent address of even name of their father or which locality they are from.

DMP Deputy Commissioner (Media) Maruf Hossain Sardar told if we did know their particulars we had no reason to announce bounty, we could arrest them, as we don’t know, then we seek people’s help to bring them in to the book.

On April 27, DMP Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia claimed that there had been ‘significant progresses’ in the investigations into the recent murders of writer, bloggers-online activists and a publisher.

He, however, has said that ‘some’ of the killers of writer Avijit Roy and one of his publishers Faisal Arefin Deepon have left the country.

But how many and who they are, DMP chief did not make details.

So the tautology is clear here, police is reluctant to arrest the killers and now they have delivered their duty to the common mass to nab the bigots!  They have only photographs, they have not the particulars, and then how they could say that some killers left the country or these six are the main perpetrator of the recent killings.

After the killing of LGBT magazine ‘Roopbaan’ editor Xulhaz mannan and activist Tonoy the government had to face international pressure. To show the international community police declared 18 lakh bounty for 6 members of banned militant outfit Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) on may 19 just publishing photographs. I am saying that they dispensed unsubstantiated information to the news media to dismount international pressure.

And the extremist did not care such kind of paper activities of the law enforcers, they have killed another secular homeopathic physician Sanwar Rahman, 60, in Kustia on Friday just after the 12 hours of declaring bounty for six  Ansarullah men. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the murder of the doctor.

Police did the same thing on May 17, to 2015 to nab the offenders of sexual assaults of women and children on Dhaka University campus during the traditional Pohela Boishakh celebrations.

They released the photographs and declared Tk1 lakh bounty for each eight people alleging their involvement in the sexual harassment. But still police don’t have their particulars. They could detain only one man alleging involvement with the Pohela Boishakh incident so far.

Early of this month, Rafida Ahmed Bonna wife of slain blogger Dr Avijit Roy  in an interview said, “ In Last year after the deadly attack, when I was in hospital investigators met me and had shown me five photographs and footage of the suspects. These five suspects had been following us (Avijit and Bonna) for a long time, police said. But still police did not arrest them.’

She said, ‘Police claims that they have arrested 8 persons so far, but none of them is connected with Avijit murder. It’s just eye washes.’

She added, ‘Government is reluctant to nab the Avijit killars. The authorities do not want to arrest the killers.’

Bonna said, ‘ No body from the investigators is now communicating me. But they are following me. They appear in proper time when I go anywhere to tell something about the Avijit killing.’

So what can I say now about the investigation of killing of bloggers, writers, secular thinkers and activists! I would say police could identify the photographs, not the persons.

Author: Harun Ur Rashid


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