Row over Maasranga TV report: ethics of journalism questioned


UntitleduuuufMaasrangaTV, a Bangladeshi private satellite TV channel produced a visual package report on depth of knowledge who obtained GPA 5 in last SSC examination. Through the social network the report went viral and made mixed reaction.

Online users became astonished watching the poor knowledge of some GPA 5 holders. At the same time they could not accept the way how the reporter exposed the teenage students before camera and the audience. They have raised question about the ethics of journalism.

One Md Rezaul karim shared Maasranga TV report on his facebook on Monday, although he removed the video post after strong reaction, but in the meantime many facebook users have downloaded the video and reposted and went viral.

The reporter asked the students some questions on general knowledge and they failed to make correct answers most of the questions.  By taking 10 to 11 random samples he made a negative conclusion about our education quality.

The question is not there, the reporter exposed all the students before camera and their faces were crystal clear to the audience or viewers. That is clear humiliation or camera trial.


Facebook users raised the question about the ethics of journalism. They asked whether the TV reporter had taken permission to show the teenage faces on television form their guardian, if it was not, it’s a serious crime.

They suggested anyone should go to court against the report. Because people, neighbors or friends will laugh at them and they are humiliated before the viewers.

These students are under 18 and in the eye of laws they are minor and children, so nobody can punish them in such a way.

We did not find any clarification or corrigendum from Maasranga TV till now.

But Professor Dr Safiul Alam Bhuyan, chairman, film and media studies department, Dhaka University said, “It was totally unethical to expose the students. There is different way to do such kind of reporting. By exposing the students they publically humiliated them, it’s not acceptable anyhow.’

He said, “I don’t know how Maasranga TV will compensate them. But it should be compensated.”

He said, “Such kind of reporting could be done not exposing the students using different techniques.”

Author: Harun Ur Rashid


2 thoughts on “Row over Maasranga TV report: ethics of journalism questioned

  1. ছেলে-মেয়েগুলোর জন্য দায়ীত্ব পালন না করে গালাগাল করছে অনেকেই!
    #অাত্মশক্তিপাঠশালা’র কোর্স ‘পড়ি, পরীক্ষায় ভালো করি : পাঠ্যপুস্তকের বাইরে’ বা ‘#সফল_হবে_তুমিও’ নিয়ে শিক্ষা #প্রতিষ্ঠানগুলোতে বা #সমাজপতি বা #কর্পরেটে কাছে গেলে কিন্তু অাশানুরূপ সাড়া পাওয়া যায় না৷ … বা অামাদের #অামরা_মনুষ্যত্বের_বই_ফেরীওয়ালা কার্যক্রম সাড়া ফেলায় না৷
    এমন কি প্রতিবেদকের কাছে গিয়ে অামাদের উদ্যোগগুলো নিয়ে কথা বলতে গেলে—অামার কথা উনি বুঝবেন না! ফ্যালফ্যাল করে চেয়ে থাকবেন৷ উনারাও টিঅারপি নিয়ে চিন্তা করেন নিজেদের কেরিয়ারকে ভেবে৷—দেশোদ্ধারের জন্য? …

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