Maqsood’s open letter to CEO Maasranga TV on ‘shaming’ of GPA5 students


12794621_10154791594274569_782616588587418314_nDear Fahim Bhai,

I am constrained to have to point out that your recent news coverage on GPA 5 students has sent shock waves all across the nation. On social media as you are surely aware – it has gone viral.

While I thank you ever so much for the timely intervention on a contentious issue, I am nonetheless constrained to bring to your kind notice that the treatment of the news was very insensitive, in extremely poor taste and has resulted in shaming and humiliation of the students in question. Your reporter did not consider the psychological trauma that these susceptible and vulnerable young minds will have to endure as a consequence of your report. In a nation where young people go to the extremes of committing suicide in event of failure in examination, it is more than a surprise that your news editor could pass on this report without considering the consequences?

The fact that their (students) faces i.e. identities were revealed in the interview is an affront to common sensibilities specially when we consider that profiles of sex workers, rapist, arrested militants and sometimes even common criminals are blurred out by many channels including yours, yet in this case their faces were revealed – and inter alia their identity, and their privacy was compromised? This is inexcusable.

The damage has been done and you as well as Maasranga cannot absolve yourself from blame. I will not be surprised that either parents of the students or a group of citizens will initiate legal proceedings against you,

I will be grateful if you can kindly express your kind views on the complaints.

I as other citizens of Bangladesh are enraged.

Thanking you

Maqsoodul Haque

Musician and Socio-Cultural activist



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