Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the part of India!



The hoarding showed a map of India that includes Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh as its parts. (Photo: ANI/Twitter)

A hoarding at the Mohammad V University in Moroccan capital Rabat, where India vice-president Hamid Ansari was scheduled to address on Wednesday, depicted a map of India which showed Bangladesh, Pakistan and  Afghanistan as its parts.

The hoarding was placed at the entrance of the venue.

The college authorities pasted a white tape over the erroneous map after the Indian officials intervened.

The authorities said that it was an error on the part of the college. They, however, refused to be quoted.

There were two such erroneous hoardings, while one was covered with white tape, another was not.

The lecture at the Mohammad V University was on Wednesday  Ansari’s final engagement in Rabat after which he will proceed to the city of Marrakech.


During his stay there, the vice-president is scheduled to visit Jardin du Menara, the gardens established in the 12th century at the gates of the mountain range in northwestern Africa known as the Atlas Mountains.

He will also pay a visit to the El Badi Palace, a centuries-old ruined palace located in the city.

Source: Hindustan Times 



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