Obama’s letter to Xulhaz family


US President Barack Obama has written to the family members of slain LGBT magazine “Roopbaan” editor Xulhaz Mannan extending his condolences over the killing.

The letter was handed over to family members of Xulhaz on Thursday morning from the director of USAID mission in Bangladesh, Minhaz Mannan, the elder brother of Xulhaz, said.

Minhaz said the letter was dated on May 5 but it took some time to reach our hand for some formal procedure and we were not in a position to receive the letter till date.

“However, we have received it now and are thankful for his feelings,” added Minahz.

In the letter President Obama said Michelle and I join in heartbreak and grief and we extend our deepest condolences.

The pain of a loss like this is indescribable. Guided by this commitment to shaping a more just and equal future across Bangladesh, Xulhaz devoted his life to service. I hope it brings you some measures of solace to know that his courages, compassionate spirit will endure through all who knew and loved him, and in all who are inspired by the difference he made now and for generations to come.

obama chity

“During this extraordinarily difficult time, please know I am holding you in my thoughts,” added President Obama in the letter.

Xulhaz Mannan, an employee of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), also a former official of US Embassy in Dhaka, was killed along with friend Mahbub Tonoy at his residence in Kolabagan area of Dhaka on April 25.

Police so far arrested one for his involvement of providing gun and support in the killing missions. However, none of the killers who directly took part in it still remain absconding.



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