Rajnath Singh orders sealing of Bangladesh border with Assam by June 2017


India Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh during a review meeting on Thursday order that the border with Bangladesh in Assam be sealed. The decision comes days after Assam Chief MinisterSarbananda Sonowal had said that the borders with the eastern neighbour will be sealed within two year’s time to put an end to infiltration.

According to Ministry of Home Affairs, at present a 223.7-kilometre fence has been constructed to seal the Indo-Bangladesh Border.

But there are 122 locations spread across 60.7 kilometres without any physical barrier. Hence, it was decided that 100 locations covering 11.9 kilometres will have physical barrier i.e. fence and 22 locations covering 48.8 kilometres of riverine areaswill have non-physical barriers including technological barriers which will completely seal the border. This will be achieved by June 2017.

 According to MHA, a 4,374-kilometre fence, border roads of 5,329.6-km, 3,974-km floodlights and 2,420 Border Out Posts (BOPs) have been built along the international borders for security purpose.
In past two years, major impediments hampering the development of border infrastructure have been taken care of. Singh also maintained that all the remaining work on developing border infrastructure will be completed in the next three years.

The Home Minister also directed authorities to make full use of technological solutions to secure sensitive areas along the borders.

This will involve networking of equipments like high resolution cameras, radars, unattended ground sensors, optical fibres, infra red sensors, aerostats, hand-held thermal imagers and their integration with Command and Control architecture.


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