A mind blowing ‘war’ declaration of a police officer in Bangladesh



Muhammad Sanwar Hossain , ADC, DMP

After the killing of Police Super (SP) Babul Akhter’s wife Mahmuda Khatun Mitu in Chittagong, Bangladesh another police officer of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Muhammad Sanwar Hossain declares a ‘new war’ against the militant.

He said on his facebook post that the new war will be to uproot the extremist.

DMP Counter Terrorism and Trans National Crime (CTTC) division additional commissioner (ADC)
Muhammad Sanwar Hossain posted the status on Tuesday after two days of Mitu’s killing. The title of his status is- ‘now a war begins to uproot all kinds of extremism’.  And the status went viral.

ADC Sanwar Hossain said, ‘Yes I am no more with anti militants drive. Many men work in the police department, do all of them work against militants? Then why shall I do so risky job? No one want to make his family members victim for his professional work, me too.’

Then he added, ‘May extremists desire to hear such a decision from me. Then let them listen, I am again saying, I shall not do work against militants, rather I am declaring war against them. There is no working environment, now war situation exists, so there is no way but to fight against terrorism.


They are attacking on innocent family members so now working about militant is to fight against militant. It’s a new battle.

I am saying , it’s not a revenge. It’s a dedication to uproot the extremism. The police forces know very well how to fight in cool brain and now we want just to start.’


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